Welcome to the site for Title 1 in Green Meadow School 

What is Title 1?
    Title 1 is a Federally funded program that provides instructional support to selected students. The Title 1 program is to provide students with educational opportunities that foster literacy development and to attain grade level proficiency.
  • For more information, please visit the Department Of Education website: http://www.doe.mass.edu/titlei/

Frequently Asked Questions:

    How are students selected to participate in the Title 1 program?
Eligibility of each student is determined by assessment results and classroom performance. When a child is deemed in need of Title 1 services, students are referred by their classroom teacher and a letter is sent home to parents explaining the program and seeking permission for their child to participate.

    How long do students participate in the Title 1 program?
With hard work and support from the classroom teacher, Title 1 staff and parents, students make growth at a variety of rates.  Classroom teachers and the Title 1 teachers get together to discuss each student’s progress on a regular basis.  Children who have made adequate and accelerated progress will be considered for dropping services, but progress monitoring is used to ensure students growth. This decision is made by the Title 1 teacher, parents, and classroom teacher together.  Students will only receive services as long as they exhibit the need.

    How are Title 1 supports provided to students?
  The Title 1 teacher works in the classroom providing support to students in need.  This may be done through small group or individual activities, guided reading groups, or providing positive support. The classroom teacher and the Title 1 teacher work cooperatively to meet all of the students’ needs.