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Google Classroom: Properties of Minerals

Google Classroom Class Code:   sug0gu

Solar System Exploration

Webquest: Electricity and Circuits (Part 1)



The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits



Ecosystem Scavenger Hunt:


Igneous Rocks Rock!  Igneous Rocks


Solar System Information:

Planet Earth


Kinds of Energy:  Read about each type of energy, then take the quiz.


Energy Kids: Use the links on this site to complet the Energy Webquest


YouTube Video

YouTube Video
Moon Phase Demonstration

YouTube Video

Moon Phases

YouTube Video

Solar System Websites:

                                          SOLAR SYSTEM PROJECT


Bibliography Recording Sheet

As you begin to research your planet, you will need to record any sources that you gather facts from. Please use the chart below to collect your information.

Source: Print (non-fiction book)

Author’s Name

(first and last)

Title of Book

(entire title)

Date of Publication



City of Publication

Source: Web

Editor, Author, or

Compiler’s name

Title (quotes)

Name of Site (italics)

Name of Institution/Organization affiliated with the site

Date of Creation




Science in the News

The Reason for Seasons:

YouTube Video

Rotation and Revolution Diagram


How to use a Planisphere

YouTube Video

Engineering and the Design Process

Design a cell phone:

Science Skills:
Data Collection

Energy Web Quest:

Ecosystems of the World

Ecosystems: Nature Works

Endangered Species:


Camouflage Activity:

Interactive Games:



Minerals by Name A-Z:


Solar System:  Planet Information

Check out the OLogy site: The American Museum of Natural History


   Energy Webquest-Use the following link to complete the Energy Webquest:




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3rd Column

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