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Unit 5:  Memoir
Journal Entry Topics - 10 points each
#1 - Earliest school memory (1 paragraph)

#2 - A lie an adult told you to get you to do something (ex - Broccoli turns you into a Jedi) (2-3 paragraph entry)

#3 - A time you played a trick on someone or a trick was played on you (ex - Roald Dahl and the mouse in the Gobstoppers) or a time you got in trouble (2-3 paragraph entry)

#4 - A sentimental object like Mary Pope Osborne's All-Ball (full page)

#5- A visit to grandparents or a vacation - what traditions do you have? (full page)

#6 - Write about a time you visited the doctor (full page)

#7 - Imagine you are Roald Dahl's or Ralph Fletcher's mother. Write a narrative from her perspective related to her son's illness. (1/2 page)