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Welcome to Ms. G's homepage!
You can use this page to check on homework and projects as well as keep your pulse on some of the activities we will be doing in class.  I will also try to put links on this site for further enrichment of units we are studying.

As we enter the late winter and early spring, we will begin to focus on expanding our mathematical thinking to multi-digit multiplication and division as well as geometry.  In reading, we will focus on skill development-- comprehension, context clues, author's purpose, theme, point of view, sequencing, and cause & effect.

Please use this site to expand and reinforce what we are doing here at school.  If your child breezes through their homework one night, they can explore any of the links on the different subject's resource pages to find fun, safe activities that go along with classroom themes. If flashcards would bore them, see the resource page for exciting websites that help with basic facts!