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June 13, 2017 End of the Year Celebration
June 16 Last Day of School

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Currently there are no opening in our program for the 2016-2017 school year.


Green Meadow Preschool Screening.
Appointments are necessary. Do you have concerns about your son/daughter's development? 
To schedule an appointment or for further information call the 
department of Student Services.978-897-2138

2017-2018 Enrollment Information :

Online registration is in process for all accepted students. 

Deposits and signed contracts are due by May 15, 2017 

We currently have no openings in our program for the  2017-2018 school year.

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Tour Dates: January 24, 9-9:45 ,January 25, 12:30-1:15 and February 1st, 9-9:45 also by appointment, call 978-897-2138

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The Green Meadow Preschool program is based on fundamental principles of how young children learn.  Preschool staff believe that all children can be successful and learn best in a nurturing, predictable and safe environment. As an inclusive preschool program, we recognize that children learn best when included and viewed individually with distinct abilities and needs. 

In response to this philosophy, the program utilizes a developmental approach and provides experiences which promote curiosity and develop cognitive, language, social and motor skills.  Through teacher facilitation, children are encouraged to actively explore their environment and acquire skills through a combination of play, small and large group activities, and direct instruction.  Children are provided open-ended curriculum activities where they can experience success as they learn and develop at their own rate.

The program provides opportunities where children are encouraged to demonstrate cooperation, safety and responsibility towards themselves and others, and where each child is encouraged to develop a sense of community within the classroom, school and town. 


The Green Meadow Preschool program’s primary goal is that all children will develop a life long love for learning.   In a safe and nurturing environment, experiences are provided so children will develop the skills to explore, interact and problem solve and develop the confidence to use these skills in and out of the classroom.  To realize this goal, learning activities are based upon an individual child’s abilities and interests within a structured, predictable environment.

The development of language skills is another major goal of the program.  Children’s language skills are expanded through learning vocabulary, developing social language skills, interacting with peers and adults, and participating in play activities.

We recognize that it is important for children to develop a sense of community.  To achieve this goal, children are provided with opportunities to participate in group situations where sharing materials and information, taking turns and cooperating are encouraged.  The children learn to respect one another, be a good friend and value the input of their classmates.

An important element of a child’s education is a strong connection between home and school.  Our goal is to create a program that fosters the achievement of maximum growth for each child through a collaborative effort involving parents/guardians (hereinafter referred to as “parents”) and school personnel.


Mary Beth Shea, Green Meadow School Principal

Carol Gahan, Director of Student Services

Preschool Teachers

Lynne Mooradian

Jane Vasta

Viviane Viros

Megan Baudin

     Preschool Teaching Assistants