Principal for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Michael Barth (978) 897-6700
Principal of Leadership and OperationsDan Costello(978) 897-6700
Special Ed Team Chair:Chris Kitchell(978) 897-6700
School NurseJennifer Ward(978) 897-9234
Athletic Director:Kevin Caruso(978) 897-6168
Custodians:Walter Ignachuck, Sean Kelley, John Barbagallo(978) 897-6700
EXCELLois Cohen (Director)(978) 897-8021
Fowler After School Program (FASC)Fran Indelicato(978) 897-7880
Food Service Manager:Heather Shastany(978) 897-6100
Guidance Counselors:
Julie Danforth
(978) 897-6700
Brenna Cotter
LibrarySheila Hayward(978) 897-6700
K-8 Math CoachTerri Morrison(978) 897-6700
Reading Specialist:Denise Hatch(978) 897-6700
School Adjustment Counselor:Mindy Skura(978) 897-6700
School Psychologist:Jenny Falkoff(978) 897-6700
Mary Finnegan
(978) 897-6700
Jillian Rizzuto

Staff E-Mail Address:             

Last NameInitiale-mail addressPosition CASE
BaileyAabailey@maynard.k12.m.us7th Grade Math
Baylis  4th Grade Grade Grade SPED
Benta   Ned teacher Grade ELA Grade 4 & 6 Social Studies 5 & 7
DeDios Luna Grade
Alonso    A History Grade Math Grade Science Grade Specialist, & 4th Gr

Lynda Professional Grade Special Ed Special Ed Office Grade
  Morello Ed Specialist & 4th gr (Lang Based) Special Ed Spanish Grade SPED Math 6 Grade Office
Rogers 6 Science Grade Ed/Health ELA Special Ed 6 Science