Principal:  Jeff Mela      Assistant Principal:  Christopher Fleming  
Student Absentee Phone Line: (978) 897-6753

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Lifetouch School Portraits

Picture Day images and data for Fowler School are now available on the Lifetouch Portal.

To download the images and data:
  1. Log in to the Lifetouch Portal.
  2. Go to Image & Data Management.
  3. Select the information you want to view and download.
  4. Click the Download button.
If you have questions or need assistance, contact your Lifetouch representative or call the local Lifetouch office.

You can also contact Lifetouch Technical Support at 1-800-598-2466 or


4th Grade Instrumental Lessons
New Schedule
(Please bring instruments and books)

Monday: Saxophones/Trombones
Tuesday: Flutes
Wed: Trumpets
Thurs: Clarinets
Fri: Percussion

Mon: -
Tues: - 
Wed: Trumpet/Trombones
Thurs: Clarinet/Saxophones
Fri: Flutes/Percussion

Monday: Saxophones
Tuesday: Clarinets
Wed: Trumpets
Thurs: -
Fri: Flutes/Trombones/Percussion

Monday: Trombones/Baritones
Tuesday: -
Wed: Trumpets
Thurs: Clarinets/Saxophones
Fri: Flutes/Percussion

Monday: Trombones
Tuesday: Clarinets/Flutes
Wed: Trumpets
Thurs: Saxophones
Fri: Percussion

Fowler Playground Celebration 


MPS Art Departments 
Receive Generous Donation

Six Bridges Art Gallery, in conjunction with the Fine Arts Theatre, graciously hosted the "Rhythms" Dance Party and Art Auction fundraising event this past spring to help support the visual arts curriculum at Maynard Public Schools. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the auction have been generously donated to the district’s three art teachers. 

Support from our local community shows the importance the visual arts have to a well-rounded curriculum. Like so many school systems, Maynards art program has faced budget cuts in recent years. Our community artists’ fundraising effort has filled the financial gap in order to support the next generation of student artists. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Six Bridges Gallery and the Fine Arts Theatre for their generosity in promoting the creative potential of Maynard’s young artists.