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Acceptable Use Policy

Rules and Guidelines for the Computer Labs

Using the computers in the schools is a privilege, not a right. 


They are here primarily for learning, and not always for entertainment of the      students.


Please be sure to be aware of these guidelines that will help you to learn, and to keep the computer equipment in safe and usable condition.

 Come to class with clean hands.
Operate the equipment properly.
Make sure you listen to directions.
Push your chair in when you are done.
Use your inside voice.
Touch the keyboard lightly.
Eat and drink outside the computer lab.
Remember to take your printouts with you.

 Leave the workstation clean and tidy.
Always work toward your best, not your neighbors' best.
Be careful handling any equipment

Printing can lead to a LOT of wasted paper.  Please take care!!

Spell check and proofread your documents before printing

Print only what you need from the web page (eg. print selection, print frame, or cut and paste);

Recycle all paper not needed in the cardboard bins.

E-mail, Games, and other non-class work are NOT allowed without permission

Doing any activity other than what has been instructed by the teacher is considered time wasting.  Those who finish their work satisfactorily may be granted permission to do other activities.

 Staff will apply consequences according to their rules.


File Management

Take the time to organize your files and bookmarks carefully.

Delete unwanted files, especially large ones.

REMEMBER:  The computers are school property.  Any work you do can be viewed by school personnel.


Plagiarism is representing as one’s own work any materials    obtained from other sources

When Internet sources are used in student work, the author, publisher and website must be identified.

Record the URL’s for the websites you use in your research.  You can copy and paste them into your work.



Click HERE for some advice on strong passwords.

NEVER share your password with another student.