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Art Announcements:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

            The Art Department at Fowler School is excited to begin a new year full of creative ideas and expressions! A department goal this year is to involve parents/guardians in the art making process. 

            This is where your help is needed to acquire supplies needed to make many fabulous pieces of art soon to adorn your walls and refrigerators. Most supplies used are recyclable materials commonly found around the home that may otherwise be tossed out in the trash.  Many art projects last year benefited from the reuse and re-purposing of found objects.  With your help this year I hope to be able to create many more projects showing students how art can be made from almost anything.  Using the sidebar to your left of the screen you will find a supply list with a few items or ideas of things the Art Department can use.  This is an optional list and any donations will be greatly appreciated.

            Due to popular demand our virtual art gallery on ArtSonia will be a program you and your child may participate it.  Please read our enclosed introductory packet and visit the website www.artsonia.com to see The Fowler School’s previous year’s exhibits.   As an art teacher I have the privilege of seeing many outstanding works of art on a daily basis.  Belonging to ArtSonia will enable me to share with you incredible art work you can view at anytime.  If you and your child are interested please return the permission form back to either Mr.Perham or your child’s classroom teacher.

            Thank you for your participation in supporting the arts. I look forward to an incredible year of exploring the arts with you and your child.  Feel free to call or email with any questions.    


Mr. Perham


Ask your child all about ArtSonia and the benefits of joining Fowler's page on the world's largest virtual museum.  Enrollment is free and your child can join at anytime.
Are you interested in volunteering for the Art Department this year?  I would be extremely grateful to have volunteers help  photograph and edit for the ArtSonia site.  No skills needed I can train you.  Please send an email if you would like to help this year.  sperham@maynard.k12.ma.us

Progress Reports:

Why don't I see a grade in IPASS?

One question we commonly receive from parents is "Why don't I see a grade in IPASS for my child's work?" 

The short answer is because the end of the term has not arrived and your child may not have completed the assignment yet!

Art is a unique subject which follows a different curriculum and schedule from your child's mainstream academic subjects.  In other subjects areas there are daily or weekly homework assignments and grades are posted weekly.  The process of making art takes much more time.  Due to schedule constraints  Mr. Perham and Mr. Gray  feel that it is only fair to allow students the full term to complete all  their assignments.  This also benefits your child's grade if they are absent or pulled from art to make up for other subject areas.

During a given term, depending on the complexity of the projects, your child will complete anywhere from 2 to 4 art projects.  We give our students the entire term to finish their assignments so that we do not stifle their creative process. 

Project titles will be entered in IPASS to show parents what their child is working for the term during Progress Reports but sometimes there will not be a grade posted as most students are still working to complete their assignments.  This is done to avoid confusion or misinterpretations that your child has received all zeros for their art term. If a grade is not their it simply means that they have not completed the assignment yet.

If there are concerns with work not being completed by student neglect,  parent's will be notified immediately and support will be provided by your child's art teacher to prevent incomplete or poor grades.

If you have any concerns on how your child is progressing in Art class please feel free to contact Mr. Perham or Mr.Gray  any time.

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