Computer Science Projects:

Note:  All students practice with Type to Learn 4, check Email, iPass (grades 6 , 7, and 8), and work with coding at as instructed during class.

All students will also be participating using Google Classroom and will be maintaining a Computer Science Portfolio using Google Slides

  Python Mad Libs Project (8th Grade only during 2017-2018)
  • Students learn about text based coding as they create a Python program to simulate a Mad Libs activity.
  Code Combat Project (8th Grade only during 2017-2018)
  • Students learn about methods, loops, variables, and arguments as they solve problems in a game based environment.

  Coding Review Project
  • Students experience a variety of coding activities and create 2 slides in their portfolio describing their activity.
  • They incorporate a screenshot, and a photo, as well as appropriate text explaining them.
  VEX IQ Project
  • Students will complete a small building project to familiarize them with the building materials of the VEX system.
  • Students learn about Engineering and Robotics with a short presentation and quiz.
  • Students practice driving the base vehicle using the controller
  • Students begin using ROBOTC to program the base vehicle to operate autonomously. Art Project
  • Students create and artistic design using one of the drawing puzzles at
  • Some students will exhibit their artwork at the Fine Arts Night.
  Vernier Sensors Projects
  • Students use Google Sheets and one of a variety of Vernier Sensors to solve a "possible" problem at Fowler School.

Also, students participate during free time with Minetest to practice construction, cooperation, collaboration, and communication.

If there are any questions or comments, please contact Mr. Sinopoli at  You can also follow activities of the class on Twitter by following @fs_compsci
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