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See 7th grade homework calendar at this link:

Other Useful Links:
Link to 7th Grade Science test/quiz retake policy

Link to 7th Grade Science test/quiz retake error analysis sheet

Heredity Power Point link:

Cardiovascular System Video Station link:

Six-Kingdom Project Rubric

Archaebacteria Graphic Organizer

Eubacteria Graphic Organizer

Protist Graphic Organier

Fungi Graphic Organizer

Plant Graphic Organizer

Animal Graphic Organizer

"Types of Mammals" Plantae Power Point
This is the Power Point we are using in class to complete the top-down web on mammals

Kingdom Plantae Power Point
This is the Power Point we are using in class to complete the two-column notes on plants

Fungus Fun Facts
Funky Fungus Facts and Figures 1

Funky Fungus Facts and Figures 

Fungal Folklore-Fairy Rings and Fungal Superstitions

Fungal Folklore-Fungi and Witchcraft

Protist Webquest pages
Webquest worksheet/guide

Virtual Pond Dip

Algae webquest page

Protozoa webquest page

Science Current Events Zone
Links to useful Science Current Events sites

Reading packets for Bacteria station activity

Cell Structure Power Points
These are links to the Power Points I am showing in class. Students will take 2-column notes on graphic organizers. They will only be allowed to use their written notes for the open-note assessment.
Power Point 1

Power Point 2

Cell Structure Projects
Click on the link below to read about the projects students may choose for the Cell Structure Unit

Click on this link to read the rubrics for each project

Video: Microscope Parts and Use with Mr. Wilhelm

Pond Water Microscope Lab
Use the following web sites to help you identify whatever critters you see under your microscopes:

The Survival Game
Can you design a species that will last 1,000,000 years?

Take the left/right brain test! 
Even though this theory of left vs. right brain dominance is now questioned, it is still an interesting exercise into whether you are an analytic vs. intuitive thinker. You do not have to register to take the test. Make a note of your score before exiting.

Web sites for Digestive System Organ Poster, due Monday, March 14, 2016
This site will provide you with much of the information you will need about the organ you have chosen. Find your own on-line resources for additional information. Don't forget to cite them on your poster!

This site will provide you with many different templates for creating a poster on line. You may also do it the old fashioned way - with markers, scissors and glue.

Here is a link to the rubric. Students have a choice between two projects.

Web site for Cardiovascular System computer activity 2/4/2016

Plant Project - Choose between making a plant reproductive cycle poster or creating an advertisement for one type of plant (see rubrics handed out in class for full descriptions).
Use the following web sites to get the information you need. You may use other web sites, including Wikipedia, but these will help you get started.

Nonvascular plants

Seedless vascular plants

Project: Pathogen Wanted Poster

Websites to use:


Sept 7-11



April 12 - 16: Study Directed Reading for test FRIDAY

Test Chapter 4 Thursday March 19th. DNA
Portfolio due 3/4

March 4th: Genetics quiz tomorrow ... study SpongeBob worksheets

February 26th: "Just Like Me" worksheet . Traits and Inheritances.
February 9-13: We are working on a project in class and at home if needed. It is a Cell Book Project. ( if you go to the bottom of this page and click on view all you can find a copy of the project, title Cell Book Project)

FEB 4th Study for test Chapter 2 on FRIDAY

January 30 -Feb 3 : Study Vocabulary Chapter 2


January 26th Read Chapter 2 sec 2 and complete the Directed Reading


January 19: Reinforcement Worksheet Eukaryotic Cells

January  9 : Eukaryotic cell Quiz

January 8: Study 4 organelles

January 6&7: Study two column notes Chapter 1 Section 1: Cells

January 5th: Write 3 paragraph's on the topics of Microorganisms,

Fungi,and Plants

-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
Dec 16th: Choice Homework: Plants Response to the Environment

Dec 15th: Directed Reading Chapter 5 section 2 Reproduction in Plants

Dec 8th Test tomorrow Tuesday

Dec 4: Vocabulary Activity ----  Test Tuesday Chapter 4

Dec 3: None

Dec 2nd: Study the structure of a leaf - Know where each layer is.

Nov 18-19: none


Nov. 13: Review Directed Reading, Concept map, and section quiz for Fungi

Test Monday Nov 17th.

Nov 12: review Fungi

Nov 6th:Test  on Protest vocab Wed Nov 12th

Nov 3: Choice Homework

28 : Quiz on the Microscope Thursday & Friday

Oct 26: Give returned papers signed and bring back to school

Oct:22 : Mastery Objective quiz. Page 48 objectives

Oct 6th-9th : Work on Disease project due Friday
Sept 18: Review Directed Reading

Sept 17: Study two column notes Chapter 2 section 1

Sept 15-16: None


Sept 11-12
: None

Sept 8th: Study two column notes for test this week (THURS) Chapter 1

Sept 5th : Get quiz signed and return


Microscope Games & Quizzes
What in the World - Mystery Photos

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