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See 7th grade homework calendar at this link:

Other Useful Links:
Link to 7th Grade Science test/quiz retake policy

Link to 7th Grade Science test/quiz retake error analysis sheet

Link to 7th Grade Science Safety Contract

Natural Selction and Adaptation - Google Slides

Plate Tectonics slide show - Google Slides 

Water Cycle Vocabulary - Google Slides 

Exploring the Water Cycle - Google Slides 

Heat and Heat Transfer Vocabulary - Google Slides 

Trophic Cascade Project Websites You Can Use

Example Trophic Cascase Google Slides Presentation
The Big Cats and the Olive Baboon

Wolves of Yellowstone Video link

Wolves of Yellowstone Vocabulary

Study Guide - Ecosystems Assessment

Google Slides Review - Ecosystems Assessment

Examples of Ecosystems Power Point

Energy Review Power Point

Energy Conversions and Conservation of Energy Power Point

Scientific Method Power Point

Science Current Events Zone
Links to useful Science Current Events sites

Video: Microscope Parts and Use with Mr. Wilhelm

Pond Water Microscope Lab
Use the following web sites to help you identify whatever critters you see under your microscopes:

The Survival Game
Can you design a species that will last 1,000,000 years?

Take the left/right brain test! 
Even though this theory of left vs. right brain dominance is now questioned, it is still an interesting exercise into whether you are an analytic vs. intuitive thinker. You do not have to register to take the test. Make a note of your score before exiting.

Web sites for Digestive System Organ Poster, due Monday, March 14, 2016
This site will provide you with much of the information you will need about the organ you have chosen. Find your own on-line resources for additional information. Don't forget to cite them on your poster!

This site will provide you with many different templates for creating a poster on line. You may also do it the old fashioned way - with markers, scissors and glue.

Here is a link to the rubric. Students have a choice between two projects.

Web site for Cardiovascular System computer activity 2/4/2016
Plant Project - Choose between making a plant reproductive cycle poster or creating an advertisement for one type of plant (see rubrics handed out in class for full descriptions).
Use the following web sites to get the information you need. You may use other web sites, including Wikipedia, but these will help you get started.

Nonvascular plants

Seedless vascular plants

Project: Pathogen Wanted Poster

Websites to use:

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