STLE 3 Grant

Strengthening Teacher Leader Effectiveness

For the 2014-2015 school year, Mayfield has been awarded money from New York State to help our district strive to bolster and sustain a teacher leadership program. The purpose of this program  is to promote and support all teachers as they continue to implement Common Core Learning Standards across all subject areas.  The STLE 3 Team is made up of very well qualified teachers from our staff who will be working closely together to bring professional development opportunities to all teachers with a common goal to enhance  classroom practices. These teacher leaders will improve professional practice through coaching and collaboration with novice teachers as well as our experienced staff.

It is through this initiative that Mayfield will continue to advance in the development of a dynamic community  culture in which student learning is the focus. Following are the specific goals created by the STLE 3 Team.

1. Buildcollaborative community in our district focusing on teaching, learning, and student achievement.
2. Use data to identify areas of strengths and concerns to make curricular decisions that focus on student needs.
3. Become knowledgeable and confident in using Common Core learning Standards to meet the needs of students through effective and meaningful instruction.

Team Members:
Administrators: Mr. Nicholas Criscone, Dr. Christopher Wojeski
Master Teacher-Tara Caraco
High School:
English Language Arts: MerryEllen Brumaghim
Math: Sheila Thomas
Special Education: Jill Sheldon
STEM: Michael Valovic

Elementary School:
English Language Arts: Emily Bornt
Math: Kimberly McKeough
Special Education: Nancy Walrath
STEM Megan Guttenberg