Machine-to-Machine Data: 
How Google Cloud Platform Brings It to Life

The possibilities for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) data are taking the business world by storm.  As executives build their Big Data strategy for the future, most consider M2M a big piece of the equation. Imagine the cost savings on maintenance of manufacturing equipment that can indicate it's own health. Or the consumer value add applications that come from analyzing a wealth of retail kiosk data. How about the operational efficiency gained when the supply chain gives information about when, where, or how long it's going to take from ship to store. The use cases are vast and show how M2M can impact the entire organization. 

M2M:  How it works

Google is well positioned to play a big role in the space. Maven Wave has developed a solution architecture that harnesses the power of Google Cloud Platform products attuned to M2M use cases. When considering M2M, companies need to think about the cost of data storage (Cloud Storage), the real time access of Big Data (BigQuery) and the computing power to bring data from many sources together (Compute Engine). Google stands alone in its ability to scale with the M2M data needs for any size business. Plus, the architecture Maven Wave has designed compliments the M2M point solutions (i.e. Etherios, Axeda) that many businesses are already thinking about, so the conversation does not need to conflict with already established strategies.
M2M Platform with GCP Products

  ma·chine to ma·chine (M2M)
        noun, often attributive \mə-ˈshēn\

Refers to machine-to-machine communication,    i.e., automated data exchange between machines.  

Viewed from the perspective of its functions and potential uses, M2M is causing an entire "Internet of Things", or internet of intelligent objects, to emerge.  

The interconnection of objects having advanced processing and connection capabilities is expected to lead to a revolution in terms of service creation and availability and will profoundly change the way we interact with the environment.  

- Jack Brown, "Machine 2 Machine - Internet of Things - Real World Internet

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