The School District of Mauston provides systematic services for our most advanced learners beginning in the classroom.  Our goal is for students to experience growth and the challenge of learning everyday.  We do this through a systematic process of interventions and enrichment 
opportunities that change to meet the changing needs of students from Kindergarten through grade 12.

For most students learning needs are met through classroom strategies such as differentiation, questioning techniques, flexible grouping, pre assessment and other instructional techniques.  These techniques address the student's learning needs and allow teachers to adjust instruction to meet those needs.  

Some students need modifications that go beyond the classroom. School wide services are also available and generally are accessed through the Response to Intervention Process (RtI) in the schools.  These services include subject level or grade level acceleration, cluster grouping and in some cases project based learning or mentorships.  Parents may also request services by completing the Parent form
The School District of Mauston strives to offer students opportunities for enrichment through our association with other districts for competitions.  For more information about the specific competitions and enrichments at each school, please contact Greg LaBansky at glabansky@maustonschools.org.

For more information about classroom and school based strategies, please contact your child's classroom teacher, building principal, or the Director of Teaching and Learning.