Welcome to Chemistry at Maumee High School

Chemistry joke of the day - by Emma Karrenbauer:
How did the man at -273C feel?  
He was 0 K (as in Kelvin!)

Ben and Josh demonstrating chemical principals for the 4th graders.  May 2014

Ben and Josh demonstrating "The Genie" for the 4th graders. (May 2014)

Required Materials:


          *periodic table     
          *MHS planner       
          *scientific calculator - 
              graphing calc. for AP Chem        
          *3 ring notebook -
                 at least 1 to 1 1/2 inches
               **with 5 dividers

          *folder or dividers with folders 

           (to keep graded papers in)

          *graph paper for labs

          *BYOD if you have one

          *ear buds or earphones

          *bound lab notebook (quad ruled) (AP Chem)

Chemistry - The Course

Chemistry (any level) is a college prep class that will require you to develop skills in the following areas -                       

analytical thinking, 

time management, 

problem solving, 

and lab work.


In order to be successful, it will be necessary to:

1.) come to class prepared EVERYDAY. 

2.) bring all the required assignments and materials when you arrive.

3.) manage your time so that you do well in all subjects.  It is important to be AWARE that this course IS different than any others you have taken in high school.

4.) develop good communication skills with your teacher, lab partner, and other students.

Class Rules:

1.  Respect for everyone and everything is the room is a requirement.
(That means respectful behavior, comments, & tone of voice.)
2.  In case of absence it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher about what assignments were missed and how/when to make them up.  

     Makeup work is due as discussed with the teacher.
3.  When a student or the teacher feel that extra help is needed it is always available.  Reasonable requests to stay after school are always honored.  Mondays are reserved for teacher meetings.

E-Mail ADDRESS: tmortemore@maumeek12.org

Four rules for life - be impeccable with your word, take nothing personally, never make assumptions, and always, in everything, do your BEST.