Graduation Information and Such

April 17, 2019

Dear Senior Parents:

We will soon reach the prom and graduation season and your student’s high school years will be drawing to a close. During the next few months, formals, tuxedos, and caps and gowns will be added to the wardrobes of your senior. It is a happy and exciting time for families and friends of our graduates. The purpose of this letter is to give you information concerning these events, which we hope will help you with your family and personal arrangements.

PROM will be held Saturday, April 27th at the University of Toledo Student Union Building (3rd floor). The event begins at 7:00 pm with dinner and will conclude at 10:30 pm. Students can park on the UT campus and the easiest parking lot to use is “Area 10” (between the tennis courts and the Glass Bowl). The 2019 Prom theme will be “A Night in Paris” and bids are $30.00 per student. Bids will be sold before school, after school and during lunch periods as well as through the guidance office of Penta Career Center beginning the week of April 22nd. Non-Maumee guest forms will be emailed to all junior and senior MHS and MHS-PCC students on Monday, April 15th on their email account.

AFTER PROM will be held at Kalahari Water Park in Sandusky. Buses will load in the MHS parking lot at 11:30 pm to take students to the after prom event. Students will be able to change into swimwear at Kalahari. With the conclusion of prom at 10:30 pm, students should be able to get home, change, and bring a duffel containing their swimwear for loading at 11:30 pm. Kalahari has many security provisions in place. The park is closed to any who do not arrive on buses with after prom groups. Admission is only granted to those who arrive with the group. Students should NOT plan on driving themselves to Kalahari or somehow meeting us there as they will not be permitted into the park. Wristbands are only distributed to those who are on the buses. Also, all students must return to Maumee on the bus. Students are not allowed to be picked up at the waterpark. The MHS parents’ organization is organizing after prom and want this new event to be a fun and successful experience. If your student does not wish to ride the provided bus TO and FROM the waterpark, they will not be admitted and should not plan on attending. Mr. Dick is picking up the transportation costs, so the cost is only $30.00 per student, which includes admission and pizza. Students will return to the MHS parking lot at approximately 5:30 am. Sign up (and payment) for after prom will be April 17 and 18 before and after school.

SENIOR SUPPER & MOVIE NIGHT will be Thursday, May 9th starting at 7:00 pm in the MHS cafeteria. After having dinner as a class, the seniors will see the class video and receive their graduation yard signs. Movie night will begin at 9:00 pm behind the MHS performing arts center. All MHS students are invited to send off the senior class by enjoying a movie and popcorn. Students should bring camp chairs and/or a blanket to sit on.

Parents can sign up to donate food for the senior supper barbeque by visiting:

OFF CAMPUS LUNCH – During the week of May 13th, seniors will be permitted to have an off-campus lunch so long as they are back in time for their classes.

SENIOR RECESS AND DECISION DAY – On Wednesday, May 15th, seniors will enjoy ice cream in the front yard of MHS during a homeroom. Senior who are wearing the “swag” of the college/university they are attending next year will have their picture taken by The Mirror newspaper.


SENIOR SKIP DAY (only for seniors who are passing all classes) – Monday, May 20th

SENIOR EXAMS PERIODS 4 & 5 – Tuesday, May 21st. Seniors only need to report for exams that they cannot waive.

BACCALAUREATE – Sponsored by Maumee Churches United. 7:00 pm at Cass Road Baptist Church, 1400 Cass Rd.

SENIOR EXAMS PERIODS 1, 2, 3 – Wednesday, May 22nd. Seniors only need to report for exams that they cannot waive.

GRADUATION PRACTICE – Thursday, May 23rd @ 8:00 am – Stranahan Auditorium. Attendance at grad practice is MANDATORY for any student who walks the stage at graduation. Students will receive 10 admission tickets at this practice. Extra tickets may be available after practice.

SENIOR SEND-OFF – Thursday, May 23rd @ 1:00 pm. Fairfield and Fort Miami. Students will sign up in the MHS office prior to Thursday, May 16th and will wear their graduation hats, robes, cords, and medallions through the halls of one of the elementary buildings.


GRADUATION – Saturday, May 25th @ 12:00 pm in the Stranahan Auditorium.


SENIOR PRIVILEGES – The senior class of 2019 has opted for privileges over pranks. There will be no senior pranks. Seniors who participate in pranks will be suspended over graduation weekend and will not be able to walk at the ceremony. This is a comprehensive list of privileges that the class of 2019 negotiated for:

· Seniors can waive any 3rd trimester exam in which they have grade of 89.5%

(A-) or higher.

· Move exams to earlier dates than the underclassmen (5/21 & 5/22)

· Senior Skip Days

  • 5/17/19
  • 5/20/19
  • 5/24/19

· Late start days/Early Leaving Days

  • 5/21 Only EXAM ATTENDANCE is required if you have an exam
  • 5/22 Only EXAM ATTENDANCE is required if you have an exam

· Senior Supper on 5/9 @ 7 pm (MHS and PCC Seniors) - YARD

SIGNS PASSED OUT HERE - Outdoor movie begins @ 9 pm

· Senior Recess during homeroom on 5/15 (in the front loop at MHS

- ice cream) (MHS Seniors Only) & DECISION DAY - wear the swag

for the college/university that you are planning to attend. The

Mirror will be here for a picture.

· Seniors excused for off-campus lunch from 5/13 through 5/16

· Grad Practice on 5/23 @ 8:00 AM (You are REQUIRED to attend

grad practice in order to walk in the ceremony) at the Stranahan


· Senior Send Off at the Elementaries 5/23 @ 1 pm (register in MHS

office by Thursday, May 16th)

Any “impromptu” skip days would result in the removal of a skip day and/or adding days to the senior school year.

Seniors who want to exercise these privileges need to produce a signed permission slip. Slips will be distributed in homeroom on April 17th and are due back to the MHS office on Friday, May 3rd. Even if the student is 18 years old, the parent (as the insuring party) must still sign.

Unauthorized senior pranks may result in a disciplinary consequence that could prevent the student from walking at the graduation ceremony.

Students who leave campus for lunch MUST be back for their next class.

Students who are failing any one class at the time of skip days CANNOT take part in the entire 5/20 skip day and must be in attendance at MHS to prepare for exams or risk truancy / discipline that may prevent the student from walking at the graduation ceremony.

SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP LIST IN THE GRADUATION PROGRAM - An important piece of the graduation program is the senior scholarship list. Every senior who receives a scholarship - whether they accept the scholarship or not - is recognized by name along with the scholarships awarded. We rely on the senior students and parents to provide this information as we may not always receive notice of scholarships that the students receive. Please bring a copy of any scholarship that your student receives to the guidance office at Maumee High School. You can also scan a copy of the letter and email to guidance secretary Michelle Leasor at We will make sure that all scholarships for which we have notice are properly listed by the student name in the program.


· Academic Awards Night – Monday, April 29th @ 7 pm in the PAC. Awardees will be sent an


· Senior Scholarship Match Night – Wednesday, May 15th @ 7 pm in the St. Luke’s Hospital

Auditorium. Awardees will be sent an invitation.

GRADUATION CEREMONY ATTIRE AND PROTOCOL – Graduation is a formal occasion. There are dress codes for the students and behavior codes for students and attendees. The Class of 2019 respectfully requests that parents and other graduation attendees act in accordance with behavioral expectations of a formal ceremony. No excessive yelling. No excessive cheering. No noisemaking. We want our names heard when we cross the stage and do not want our moment ruined because the family of the student who preceded us could not respect this request.

The following language is from Pg. 15 of the student handbook:

The administration of Maumee High School has complete discretion over the MHS graduation ceremony, including who can or cannot participate and who can or cannot attend. In order to participate in the Maumee High School graduation ceremony, the student must meet graduation requirements, have paid all outstanding student fees and fines, attended the mandatory graduation practice, and have served all assigned disciplinary consequences. If a disciplinary consequence occurs over or spans the graduation date, the student will not be able to participate in the event.

Each senior will be given admission tickets at graduation practice. If a student needs more tickets to the ceremony he/she will have to wait until after graduation practice and we will evenly distribute the remaining tickets between those who are requesting extras. Seniors MUST attend graduation practice in order to participate in the graduation ceremony unless excused by the administration.

Dress for graduation participants:

Ladies: Avoid dark colors or patterned dresses under the white graduation gown as these will “bleed though”. No tennis shoes, flip flops, excessively high heels, or boots are permitted. If the student wears unacceptable footwear, she will not be permitted to sit on the stage or cross the stage for the ceremony. Replacement shoes must be provided prior to the start of the ceremony or the student will not participate.

Gentlemen: Wear a button-down shirt and a tie. Brown or black slacks. Brown or black dress shoes. No tennis shoes, flip flops, sandals, or boots are permitted. If the student wears unacceptable footwear, he will not be permitted to sit on the stage or cross the stage for the ceremony. Replacement shoes must be provided prior to the start of the ceremony or the student will not participate.

Cords and Medallions: The only cords/medallions permitted to be worn at the graduation ceremony are those that have been distributed by the Maumee City Schools.

Caps/Tassels – No alternations or additions to the standard issued caps/tassels will be permitted. No writing on the caps.

THANK YOU - for giving your attention to this letter. Parts of this letter may appear to be negative. Our primary purpose in pointing out these items is to prevent any problems or misunderstandings so that your son or daughter can have a good ending to his or her final year at Maumee High School. We take pride in Maumee and the students who attend here. We want them to leave MHS with that same feeling of pride.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact one of us at (419) 893-8778. We look forward to being with you at these occasions and appreciate your willingness to assist us.


The MHS Administrative Team

The MHS Guidance Team

The MHS Senior Class Advisors

The MHS Class of 2019

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