Alumni Band

  1. Attire-- Dress for the weather. Please wear school colors if you can.
  2. Parade to the Stadium-- We are planning to march down Holgate. If any alumni doesn't feel up for the march down Holgate, feel free to just meet us at the gate to the stadium.
  3. You'll march in with the band and get into the game free. Anyone not marching in with the band will need to purchase a ticket.
  4. If you need to borrow a school instrument, please pre-register at least a week in advance so we have an opportunity to try and find instruments.  
  5. Schedule:
  • 5:30- Arrive if you need to borrow an instrument
  • By 6:00pm- Everyone arrives. Field behind the tennis courts
  • 6:10- Bathroom Break
  • 6:20- Line up next to the Tennis Courts
  • 6:30- Arrive at Stadium
  • 6:46- Pregame Starts
  1. The band will do our "downfield" during pregame.
  2. Using drum taps, MHS Band will march into a set facing the home sideline.
  3. Alumni will make a rehearsal arc in the middle of the band.
  4. Alumni and MHS Band will play Hey Song, Alma Mater & Star Spangled Banner
  5. Alumni will step off the field.
  6. MHS Band will march into tunnel.
  7. Alumni will stand along the sideline to be part of the tunnel.
  8. Both bands will play the Fight Song.
  9. Small reception for Band Alumni on the track-- we'll have cupcakes, water and a meal voucher for the concession stand for you! **NEW THIS YEAR**
  10. Alumni are dismissed.... You can play in the stands with us, watch the game on your own or go home. Your choice! Thank you for coming!!
We have a couple of old band shakos that are in need of repair. Based on the cost of replacing them vs. repairing them, we decided to not repair them. We'll be giving them away to Alumni on a first come, first serve basis at the Alumni/ Homecoming Football Game 2017. 

Display case in the Cafeteria: The athletic department has pictures on display of alums who have gone on to play a sport at the collegiate or professional level. We would like to do the same thing for anyone performing in music after graduation. If you marched in a college band, drum corps, professional music group or other performing group post MHS graduation, could you please email us a picture of you in uniform so we can print and display in the cafeteria? 

Please sign up by Thursday Before our Performance!

Let us know if you have any questions! 

Eric Boswell, MHS Band Director                Michelle McNutt, MBPO Alumni Relations Chair                

2017 Maumee HS Alumni Band

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