Alumni Band

  1. Attire-- Dress for the weather. Please wear school colors if you can.
  2. Parade to the Stadium-- We are planning to march down the NEW "Mannick Way". If any alumni doesn't feel up for the march, feel free to just meet us at the gate to the stadium.
  3. You'll march in with the band and get into the game free. Anyone not marching in with the band will need to purchase a ticket.
  4. If you need to borrow a school instrument, please pre-register at least a week in advance so we have an opportunity to try and find instruments.  
  5. Schedule:
  • 5:30- Arrive if you need to borrow an instrument
  • By 6:00pm- Everyone arrives. Field behind the tennis courts/ PAC
  • 6:10- Bathroom Break
  • 6:20- Line up next to the Tennis Courts
  • 6:30- Arrive at Stadium
  • 6:46- Pregame Starts
  1. The band will do our "downfield" during pregame.
  2. Using drum taps, MHS Band will march into a set facing the home sideline.
  3. Alumni will make a rehearsal arc in the middle of the band.
  4. Alumni and MHS Band will play Hey Song, Alma Mater & Star Spangled Banner
  5. Alumni will step off the field.
  6. MHS Band will march into tunnel.
  7. Alumni will stand along the sideline to be part of the tunnel.
  8. Both bands will play the Fight Song.
  9. Small reception for Band Alumni on the track-- we'll have cupcakes, water and a meal voucher for the concession stand for you!
  10. Alumni are dismissed.... You can play in the stands with us, watch the game on your own or head out. There is a group of alumni planning to go out to eat at JEDS Maumee.

Letter from Mr. Jerman:

The 2018 Marching Pride Alumni Band/Get Together is happening on Friday, October 12, 2018!  I most surely would enjoy seeing as many of you as possible at this event (because I miss you...yes you and you and YOU!)!  I'm gonna be there (until about 8:30 pm) and so should you!  This is a chance for all of us to gather, share memories (ONE MORE TIME), catch up on what we're all doing, and, at least for a little while, be together again as part of something larger than our own life circle.  

It brings me great pleasure to watch so many of you take part in each other's lives on Facebook.  When someone is experiencing a joyful event (a wedding, birth of a child, buying a new house, etc.), the congratulations and best wishes being shared with each other are nothing short of inspiring.  When someone is having difficulties, it is a joy to watch so many of you step up and offer encouragement, help, and solutions.  Frankly, it makes me proud to have been a part of your life at some point during the past 32 years.  

Don't have an instrument?  Borrow one!  Don't want to play/perform (even if you still have your instrument)?  Just come to the game and enjoy being with your friends and help support those who are out on the field in 2018.  Just like you, there are still young people out there:  Who are making life long friends!  Who want to be great! Who are working to be great!  Who deserve to play for an audience that understands/appreciates the efforts they are making!  And, who are part of an ongoing journey known as the Maumee Marching Pride!  (Look! LOOK! A train must have gone through left its tracks!  😁 )

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Dave Jerman

Letter from Mr. Kiger:

HEY MAUMEE. . . . . . . . .HEY MAUMEE. . . . . . . . . .HEY MAUMEE!!!

This is Jack Kiger, retired MHS Band Director (1980-2009), inviting all MHS Marching Pride Alumni to become part of the 2018 MHS Marching Pride Alumni Band.  Mark this date, Oct. 12, 2018.  You will get to “bring back the memories” of the day.   Did you ever imagine you would play The Hey Song, Crunch Time or the Fight Song  by Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys again?  Plus, after the game, follow us to Jeds in Maumee for some added fun and excitement!

Hope to see you at the game!


Please sign up by Thursday Before our Performance!

Let us know if you have any questions! 

Eric Boswell, MHS Band Director                Michelle McNutt, MBPO Alumni Relations Chair                

Rick Napierala, Alumni Band Chair 

Follow this Link to Sign Up!!

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