Alumni Band

  1. Attire-- Dress for the weather. Please wear school colors if you can.
  2. Parade to the Stadium-- Per request of some alums, we are planning to march down Holgate.
  3. You'll march in with the band and get into the game free. Family attending will need to purchase a ticket.
  4. We've had to beg/ borrow from other schools, but I think (cross your fingers) that we have enough drums for everyone. 
  5. Schedule:
  • 5:30- Arrive if you need to borrow an instrument
  • By 6:00pm- Everyone arrives. Field behind the tennis courts
  • 6:10- Bathroom Break
  • 6:20- Line up next to the Tennis Courts
  • 6:30- Arrive at Stadium
  • 6:46- Pregame Starts
  1. The band will do our "downfield" during pregame.
  2. Using drum taps, MHS Band will march into a set facing the home sideline.
  3. Alumni will make a rehearsal arc in the middle of the band.
  4. Alumni and MHS Band will play Hey Song, Alma Mater & Star Spangled Banner
  5. Alumni will step off the field.
  6. MHS Band will march into tunnel.
  7. Alumni will stand along the sideline to be part of the tunnel.
  8. Both bands will play the Fight Song.
  9. Alumni are dismissed.... You can play in the stands with us, watch the game on your own or go home. Your choice!
Due by Thursday Before our Performance!
Let me know if you have any questions!

2016 Maumee HS Alumni Band

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