Matua Ngaru Curriculum Site

Draft Learning Model in line with logo Draft Conceptual Curriculum Model in line with Adaptive Expertise

Our curriculum design and review enables us to align the official, intended and transmitted curriculum with our actual local curriculum in order to meet the needs of our learning community.

This Curriculum Site is intended as a guide for educators and leaders of Matua Ngaru School for the implementation of the New Zealand Curriculum in a relevant context, whilst striving for our school vision - ‘Ubiquitous learning, on a wave of change’ utilising our four learning values (vision principles) as a learning model. It is an important school procedural document that helps to shape and guide the direction of teaching and learning at our kura.

Our school honours the New Zealand Curriculum using our curriculum model to uncover our place based conceptual curriculum. Our map is guided, shaped and adapted by:

    • NZC and Te Whariki
    • Our 4Cs - curious, collaborative, communicative & creative
    • Kahui Values
    • Teacher practice, passions and expertise
    • Learner experience, interests, passions and needs
    • Consultation with the stakeholders
    • Research