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In interior painting, I use high-quality eco-friendly paints and work with an attention to detail that will leave your house looking great. I also do light handyman projects including drywall repair, weather stripping, replacing fixtures, and more. Call or email me to set up a free estimate.


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are gasses emitted by a variety of materials, including paint. There are several reasons to avoid them:

1. HEALTH - When they are part of your indoor air, VOCs can have adverse health effects. EPA tests have found that concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors than outdoors. Since we spend more time indoors than outside, indoor air quality often has more of an impact on human health than outdoor pollution. Also, the paint I prefer to use doesn't include lead, mercury, formaldehyde, formaldehyde precursors, crystalline silica or other known toxic materials or suspected carcinogens.

2. ODOR - High concentrations of VOCs are what cause that new paint smell. No-VOC paint has very little smell.

3. SMOG - VOCs also have wider environmental impacts. When they leave your house, they combine with other chemicals to form ozone and smog. In fact, 10% of the ground level ozone is attributed to VOCs.

The paint brands I prefer to use are: American Pride & Safecoat available at Amicus Green in Kensington, MD. These brands can match any major name brand paint chip. The paints are high quality and durable, as good as or exceeding the top of the line conventional paints.