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Want to deepen your connection to nature? Come out on a walk and learn to identify plants and mushrooms. And, discover that some are pretty tasty to eat!

Walks are in the Washington, DC metro area and geared toward adults. 
All walks will teach you how to identify lots of plants including edible ones. We will gather wild edibles only where allowed and sample edible native species only when abundant. Be sure to read the information below the "upcoming walks" section before registering.

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Saturday, Nov. 21 (Rain Date: Sunday, Nov. 22) -- 10am-12:30pm
Fee: $25/person

Even as the weather cools and the days get shorter, there are still some great wild edibles to be found. On this walk we'll see a variety of wild fruits and berries, teasing out the edible ones from the poisonous ones. Among the edibles, we'll see and sample wild persimmon, wild grape, viburnum berries, rose hips, juniper, crabapple and spicebush berries. We'll also come across some other wild edibles such as black walnuts, garlic mustard, field garlic, wild carrot, and sassafras. Walking around 1 mile on pathways and grassy areas.


Before you pay, understand that all purchases are final and not refundable. If you end up not being able to attend for any reason (illness, schedule conflict, etc) you will not receive a credit for a future walk or a refund. (Think of it as purchasing a ticket for a performance, the theater won't refund/credit your payment if you don't attend.) But, you can transfer your payment to another person and have them attend in your place. 

Please consider your ability to physically handle weather, trail conditions, and length of the walk before registering. No dogs on walks.

After you register for a walk, you'll receive an email a day or two before the walk with details including directions. If you don't, please contact me. Be sure to add my email ( to your contacts list so my emails don't end up going to your spam box.

Outings will be rescheduled to the rain date (usually the following day) if there is pouring rain or snow. I'll send out an email at least an hour and a half before the walk if that's the case. I don't offer refunds if the outing is rescheduled to the rain date, so keep the rain date open in your schedule. If the rain date is also a washout, your payment will be refunded via paypal.

If there are less than 8 signups for a particular event, I may cancel it. If you registered, I'll notify you and your payment will be refunded via paypal.

Walks posted above are tailored toward adults unless otherwise noted. In general, I don't encourage folks to register children under age 10. Some participants have signed up with their child and it has worked out fine. Others, though, have had to leave early or spent more time with their child than learning with the group. I do frequently lead private walks oriented toward children (see below).

I'm available for hire to lead walks for private groups such as scouts, homeschoolers, church groups, birthday parties, etc. My rate is $120 for the first hour plus $30 each additional 1/2 hour, plus my round-trip driving time. Payment can be divided among all participants with a maximum group size of 15 participants.

For ideas on walks with your group, just look at the walks scheduled above. I can usually do a walk for a private group to the same area focusing on the same topics. I'm also open to other topics or locations you'd like to explore. Contact me at: to see if we can work something out.

"The foraging was a GREAT birthday present. Matt was really good. I learned so much and have many new things to eat!" -- Adam S.

"Matt is knowledgeable and was fantastic communicating with our group which spanned about 6 decades in age." -- Sidra F.

"We cannot thank you enough for your awesome guidance at the Nature Club. The kids (and parents) learned an incredible amount in such a short time. Our daughter has been scouring our yard for edible plants ever since! You are a skilled teacher and I hope we can tap into your knowledge again in the future!" -- Parent from a private walk

"We wanted to thank you again for a great learning experience on Sunday. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun. You will definitely see us again on a walk!" -- Matt S.

"My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed your back yard edibles tour. She was bouncy all day long and we've been eating great salads enhanced with stuff from our yard." -- Kimbra & Ellie

Matt's walk was fantastic!  I'm so glad I went, even though it was hard to wake my body up that morning!  I really enjoyed seeing all of the spring ephemerals- most of these were flowers I had never seen before." -- Jessy

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