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It is said that law is an ideal reflection of a society and it is the law which portrays the fundamental distinction amongst creature and human life. Without a doubt, it is conceded that lawful training in any nation assumes an indispensable part in advancing social equity and in this way, law experts and academicians are called "Social concocts". The laws of any nation establish the framework of peace and arrange, and guarantee advance and security in all parts of subjects' lives in the territories of business, instruction, travel, well being, and entertainment. A decent lawful framework is responsible for the well being and security of its residents and is principal for advance in any general public. It is equally important that those who are given the responsibility to ensure law, order and justice, have the courage to uphold the rights of all citizens.

Legal education encourages perfection of expression, clarity in arguments and discussion and the ability to explain the written words and give an approach to understand the social values. So, 'Law acts as the cementing ingredient of society and an essential medium for social change. Educators of law thus, possess the task of not only shaping each and every generation of legal practitioners into knowledgeable and responsible agents but also sensitise on the study of issues which surrounds the practice of law and its implementation across jurisdictions.

Keeping this aim in mind to promote legal studies, this conference will pinpoint the legal, socio-economic and commercial challenges faced by the legal profession and provide an opportunity to exchange information and learn from the proceedings. Delegates from all over the country will have an opportunity to network, exchange views & experiences and find possible solutions for many of the current legal issues in the international and national sphere.