Final Submission Guidelines


  1. The final paper should be submitted after the intimation of acceptance of abstract and on the link provided in your registered Gmail id provided at the time of abstract submission after 1200 Hrs on 16th June 2018 till 2400 Hrs 1st August 2018. 
  2. The final submission shall be concluded within the prescribed deadline. (Gmail account required). 
  3. Information once submitted will be frozen and no change of any kind e.g. Author/Co-author Name, Title etc will be allowed. 
  4. The word limit of the final paper should be up to 4000 words, exclusive of footnotes. 
  5. Abstract should NOT be included in final paper. 
  6. Final submission, shall be accompanied with duly filled in and scanned 'DECLARATION OF RESPONSIBILITY & ASSIGNMENT OF COPYRIGHT FORM' to be uploaded in the same form, which can be downoaded from here. 
  7. The citation style must conform to ‘The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 19th Edition.’ As a starting point, authors can refer the abridged version of Bluebook (19th ed.)Citation Format Guidelines. The final paper should be in following format: 
      1. Paper size: A4
      2. Margins: 1 inch on all the four size.
      3. Main Title: Times New Roman, Bold, Font Size 14 & Line spacing 1.5, Center Aligned.
      4. Sub Titles (inside the paper): Times New Roman, Bold, Font Size 12 & Line spacing 1.5, Justified.
      5. Main Text: Times New Roman, Font Size 12 & Line spacing 1.5, Justified
      6. Footnote: Times New Roman, Font Size 10 & Line spacing 1, Justified
      7. All submissions are to be made in MS word format only. Please name your attachment as follows: <personal name><family name>_<FinalPaper> e.g. if author's name is Rohan Khanna then the file name should be RohanKhanna_FinalPaper.
      8. Paper should start with Title (Center Aligned), Name(s) of Author & Co-Author (if any) (Right Aligned) marked with details as footnote number 1 for author and footnote note number 2 for co-author (if any). Please do not use '*' or '**' for foonotes referring to author or co-author details respectively as it will be changed into footnote number 1 or 2 during final edit and ultimatly it will change all your references. A brief bio to be mentioned in the said footnote mentioning current position and small background, phone number and email id. Example: