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VOLUME 15, NUMBER 2, 2009:


  • Invariant Random Approximation In Nonconvex Domain

    • R. Shrivastava, H. K. Nashine, and C. L. Dewangan; pp. 69 – 77

  • New Subclass of Univalent Functions Defined by Using Generalized Salagean Operator

    • S. B. Joshi and  N. D. Sangle; pp. 79 – 89

  • Two-Norm Continuos Functionals on L_infinity

    • CH. Rini Indrati; pp. 91 – 96

  • Parametric Excitation in a Self-Excited Three-Degrees of Freedom Problem

    • Siti Fatimah; pp. 97 – 104

  • Robust Decline Curve Analysis

    • Sutawanir Darwis, Budi Nurani Ruchjana, Asep Kurnia Permadi; pp. 105 – 111

  • On Minimum and Maximum of Functions of Small Baire Classes

    • Atok  Zuliyanto; pp. 113 – 118

The journal is published semiannually by the Indonesian Mathematical Society.