Welcome to Thomas Hunter

387 Church Street      P.O.Box 339      Mathews, VA 23109
(804) 725-2434      (804) 725-2337- fax


Questions & Concerns

If you need to contact a teacher or staff member the phone number for the school is:  804-725-2434.


Regular attendance to school is linked to achievement and learning!  As students get older, the amount of material covered in classes begins to grow.  Please make sure that they are here in school for a full day and try to make appointments after school.  I realize that this is difficult and, at times, unavoidable.  For absences of 1 day, teachers can catch students up.  For 2 or more days, please call and make up work can be collected.


While attendance is vital, sick students need to rest!  If your child is running a fever or getting sick L, please let them rest at home (or grandma’s!).