Math Classrooms

The Math classrooms are now equipped with projectors for video presentations and speakers for audio playback. The rooms have a VGA and HDMI cable. Users will need to bring their own laptop or other device to connect to the projector, as well as the necessary adapters to connect their device to HDMI or VGA inputs.

Instructions for using the projectors in the rooms are included below.
-Touch control panel screen mounted to the wall to wake it up
-Touch control panel again to start up
-Select input (HDMI or VGA)

Projector will start up and you will get another screen with the following controls.
-Volume up/down for computer audio (HDMI carries video and audio, VGA has separate audio jack)
-Press to blank projector (still want to use projector but want to use chalk board behind it)
-Select video source (in case you selected the wrong source or need to change it)
-Shutdown (when you are done using)

Math B0429 and B0431 are not yet complete. If you need AV in those rooms, please contact the Math Helpdesk to make arrangements.

Please contact the Math Helpdesk if you have any questions or technical problems. or x58582