Student Combinatorics Day 2019

Date: Sunday, 7/7 

Place: Bar Ilan University, Beck Auditorium (close to Building 404)

Organizers: Ron Adin, Rani Hod, Nathan Keller, and Yuval Roichman

Keynote speaker: Prof. Noga Alon (Princeton University and Tel Aviv University)

Program: The program can be found here

Registration: Please register here. The registration is free, and lunch will be provided to registered participants. 

Past events

Student Combinatorics Day 2018 was held at Bar Ilan University on Thursday, 26/7/18. 

It was organized  by Rani Hod, Nathan Keller, and Yuval Roichman, and was sponsored by the Center for Advanced Studies at the Department of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University. 

The keynote talk was given by Prof. Maria Chudnovsky (Princeton University). 

The program of the event can be found here