CIMAT-UA Workshop and Poster Session Schedule - March 16-17th

March 16    in ENR2 South 395

Afternoon Arrival   

4:00 - 6:00    Poster Session
                                   and Italian Dinner Buffet

    CIMAT Posters:

Erik Amézquita
Efficient object classification using Euler characteristic.

Rodrigo Gachuz
Exponential ergodicity of Markov processes via renewal theory.

Diego L. Hernandez
Local Poisson Equations Associated with Discrete-Time Markov Control Processes

Nicolás Kuschinski
Bayesian experimental design for OGTT diagnosis of diabetes

Daniel Perales
Cumulants for finite free convolution.      

    UA Posters:
Patrick Greene

Spatial Localization of Neurons in Extracellular Recordings

Antonio Iniguez

Applied Sports Analytics

Jingyu Liu
Autologistic Models for Benchmark Assessment of Urban Terrorism Outcomes

Grant Schissler

Analysis of aggregated cell–cell statistical distances within pathways unveils therapeutic-resistance mechanisms in circulating tumor cell

Alex Young

Characterizing the Transport Properties of Colliding Disks Exhibiting Collective Motion

Miao Zhang
Rare Variants Association Test for Ordinal Traits

March 17   in ENR2 South 395

9:00-9:15           -Welcome

9:15-9:35            Miguel Moreles                        An inverse problem in ultrasound propagation through cancellous bone

9:40-10:00        Kevin Lin                                  Implicit sampling in the small-noise limit

10:00-10:30     - Refreshments/Snacks 

10:30-10:50      Octavio Arizmendi                  Asymptotic Freeness: A connection between free groups and random matrices.

10:55-11:15        Diane Holcomb                        A family of tridiagonal matrix models for Dyson Brownian Motion

11:20-11:40       Juan Carlos Pardo                  Branching processes in a Levy random environment

11:45-2:00        - Lunch Break

2:00-2:20          Miguel Nakamura                    A Survey of Statistical Problems in Ecology Studied at CIMAT

2:25-2:45           Nick Henschied                        Constructing task-oriented random field models from imaging data

2:50-3:10           Tyler Kloefkorn                        Trimmed serendipity finite elements

3:15-3:45           - Refreshments/Snacks

3:45-4:05          Kyle Pounder                              Asymptotics of the finite Toda lattice