RABI Fest Schedule - March 18th in ENR2 S 395

9:10 -9:15            Introductory Remarks

9:15-10:00           Tom Kurtz                                    Central limit theorems for Markov processes

10:00--10:30       Refreshments

10:30-11:15           Manfred Denker                       From random dynamics to skew products

11:15-12:00           Krishna Athreya                       Regenerative sequences and processes

12:00-2:00           Lunch

2:00-2:45              Mukul Majumdar                     Sustainability and Uncertainty

2:45-3:30              Susan Holmes                            Registration methods for principal components

3:30-4:00             Refreshments

4:00-4:45             Persi Diaconis                            Random walk on groups-with memory

6:00-                      CIMAT-UA Workshop and RABI Fest Banquet  (Limited Attendance)