On this site you will find the reading and writing progressions in child friendly language. These have been put together by teachers for teachers and students.

There is a section for the Reading progressions and one for the Writing Progressions.
Each section is broken into two sub-sections - Progressions and Supporting Material
Writing Progressions - where you will find the progressions in both 'teacher speak' and 'kid speak'.
Reading Progressions - where you will find the reading progressions in child friendly language set out for individual students or to use with groups.                         
Supporting Material - where you will find any other material that will support that section.

Feel free to use any material on this page and acknowledge the source as you do so. Please note these progressions are not a marketable item.

If you would like to use the google doc; make a copy of the doc for your personal use (as the sharing rights are set at 'view only')

If you have any comments or requests, please leave comments in the tab below each section.  
If you have anything else you would like to share (e.g. photos of progressions in use or further examples of progressions) or to make suggestions please email them to so we can add them to this site.