About Us

A warm welcome to parents and caregivers.  We are a rural, full primary school located just outside of Hawera that caters for students from year 1 to year 8.  We have a long history in our community and have recently celebrated our 125th year jubilee.

Our goal is to provide our students and community with lifelong learning skills based around a model that encourages students to be engaged and involved in their learning.  We aim to provide students with the opportunity to explore information through a variety of media and to use innovation and and imagination to create new knowledge.  We believe by focussing on foundation skills in reading, writing and math, we are providing our students the opportunity to apply those skills to solve real life problems and create innovative solutions.

Along with an integrated curriculum that focuses on student engagement, we provide a number of sporting opportunities for our students as we believe that students with a healthy and active mind work better in the classroom.  We compete in the local year 5/6 rugby and netball, as well as the Taranaki wide year 7/8 rugby and netball competitions.  We have a number of netball teams that also compete in the local Hawera competition.  Students play in the mini-ball and basketball league and we send teams away to compete in touch rugby, rippa rugby and soccer tournaments. 

 We encourage our community be as involved in our school as possible.  We have an open door policy where parents and caregivers can come in and see our teachers any time and we welcome any opportunities that our community may have to come in and help in the classroom.  We have an active School Parents Association who provide a lot of support with funding and fundraising, and who are always looking for new members.
If you have any questions or inquires about our school feel free to contact us or come in for a visit.