To my students, this is my contract with you, guaranteeing that I will do all that is in my power to help you succeed in my classroom. I will not let you fall behind nor will I abandon you if you need help.  I will be available to meet with you during my planning period and after school (by appointment). I want nothing more than for all of my students to reach beyond what they believe they are capable of, and pull themselves up to that level by overcoming any necessary obstacles. It is my promise to you, that this year, I will help you succeed in overcoming your barriers. 


To all parents, I will not leave your child behind and I will not let them become discouraged. Goals will be set, obstacles will be overcome, and achievements will be made. I will help your child succeed in my classroom by offering my assistance to them as previously stated. I will be available to meet with you upon your request concerning your students’ progress, achievements, or work. Please feel free to contact me via email or telephone as listed below. I sincerely believe this year will be one of success, cooperation, and encouragement for your student and I am pleased to be starting the year with such a wonderful group of young adults.  


To all students and parents, before beginning this year I would like to state what I expect from all students in the classroom. Students must respect one another in the classroom and out of the classroom; this includes a difference of opinions. I expect participation and cooperation in the classroom. Students must be prepared for class to participate and be open to expressing one’s ideas to cooperate. Our classroom is our community and we will treat it as such. In our community we value safety, security, and structure so that all members feel comfortable in expressing themselves individualistically. 


Mackenzie Vancil

English Teacher

Massac County High School


(618) 524-3440