Junior High Speech/Drama and Choir

   Students have been learning about Old Time Radio.  They will be experimenting with radio sound effects and presenting a radio drama.    Students will also be writing a radio drama and commercial before Spring Break.

       Ms. Gallip

Choir:   Our spring concert will be May 8th at 6:30 P.M. at the MCHS gymnasium.  The MJHS Choir will begin the program.  Please be there by 6:15.  Attire is dressy.  Please avoid wearing high heels as we will be on risers and bleachers.  Dresses should be modest and no shorter than just above the knees.  Again, we will be sitting on bleachers!  

On May 12th, we will have solo and ensemble contest at MJHS.  It will begin at 9 and end before 11:30.  Students have signed up for the event(s) they plan on participating in.  All voice performances must be accompanied by piano and must be memorized.  No electronic music accepted.  All students should have the original copy of their music to hand to the judge.  Notes will be sent home soon stating the exact performance time for each participant.  

The choir will also be singing at graduation on Thursday, May 17th.  Times will be forthcoming.

Please contact me at mgallip@massac.org with any questions!