MCHS Choir and Drama

Choir: Students should bring their choir fee for outfits this week.  We are currently working on patriotic songs and general music terms.  Choir shirt order forms have been sent home.  Please return these by Sept. 29.

Drama:  Students will be presenting their first speeches the weeks of Sept. 18 - 28.  These are demonstration speeches and every student must have a visual display!

Drama Club:  Choir and Drama Homecoming Float 2017

We will be working on our float - Scooby Doo - at Ms. Gallip’s house at 18 Hawthorne Lane.  It is located right off of North Avenue in Oak Creek subdivision.  If you go North past Country Club Road, past the cemetery, it is the first subdivision on your left.  The house is the first house on the left with gray siding and stone along the base.  

We will work after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We will begin around 3:30 and finish up before it gets late.  On Wednesday, we will need to leave between 5:30 and 6:30 so Ms. Gallip can lead her church group.  If we need to come back later that night, that will be fine.

We will be in the parade.  Those that work on the float are welcome to walk/ride and throw candy.  Please bring a bag of candy with you on Friday.  (We never have enough!)

Hope you can come work!  My email comes to my phone, so email me at if you need to ask questions.

Thanks!    Ms. Gallip