MCHS Choir and Drama

Choir: Thank you for an outstanding concert!  You can view videos of the concert on the Massac Unit 1 District Website.  Also, the choir will be on WSIL Channel 3 News at 6:28 P.M. on Tuesday, Dec. 19th.  

Drama:  Students who were absent before Thanksgiving Break should be prepared to give their speech on Tuesday, Nov. 28th.  We will then be watching and reviewing a musical.  The rest of the semester will be spent studying an Improvisation Segment.  The semester exam will consist of questions from the benchmark exam, the two musicals we have watched, and questions from the improvisational unit in December.  Students have been given a study guide for the semester exam.  Part of the semester will also be the 80 question Drama benchmark.  Students are expected to know 40 of the answers.

Drama Club:  Thank you for everyone who worked to make the Murder Mystery such a success!

We are currently looking at a variety of musicals for the spring.

My email comes to my phone, so email me at if you need to ask questions.

Thanks!    Ms. Gallip