Mrs. Warren's 5th graders proudly represent the University of Missouri Tigers!  

Classroom Mission Statement:  We will be kind to one another and help each other learn and grow.  We will be honest and learn from our mistakes.  We will laugh often and make memories that will last a lifetime. 


Specials Schedule:
  Monday-  9:10 Computers
  Tuesday-  9:10  PE
  Wednesday-  1:00 Art
  Thursday-  1:40 Music & 2:20 PE
  Friday-  12:20 Computers/Library/or PE
*Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes on PE days.*

Weekly Assignments:  Please check your child's daily planner for homework, upcoming tests, graded work, etc.  Your child will be given time in class to write this information in their planner daily.  If your child is not writing in their planner, please encourage them to do so.  Also, please sign their planner after you have checked it. 

Week of November 13th

Math:   We will be finishing Chapter 4 this week.  Students will be tested on multiplying decimals next Tuesday.  We will have math homework every day except Fridays and on test days unless otherwise noted in their daily planner.  We will go over the math homework the next day and make corrections.  Please make sure your child knows his/her math facts.  In 5th grade, a majority of the lessons require these facts.  If they have not mastered them, have them practice for a short time every day.

Reading:  Students will be tested on Fridays over our short story to test their comprehension skills for the week. Please make sure your child knows the vocabulary words each week.  Students should be reading for at least 30 minutes each day at home.  They are encouraged to meet their AR goal at the end of the 9 weeks.

Spelling:  Please make sure your child studies their spelling words every night.  A list will be sent home in their take home folder.  Tests will be on Thursdays unless we have a short week.  If we have a short week, then tests will be on Fridays.

Grammar/Writing: Students will be completing assignments in class over using the correct grammar and how to write written responses.  We will also be focusing on how to write essays. 

Social Studies:  Students will be learning about Ancient America to present times using our Social Studies Weekly. They will complete a crossword puzzle and an activity after each section. 

Science: Students will learn about Earth & its resources in Chapter 8.  We will read and discuss each lesson and complete a learning activity. 

Contact Information:
Email Address:  awarren@massac.org
Phone:  (618) 524-4821

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