Week of September 24-28

Classroom Information

Classroom Rules:              

  1. Be Respectful

  2. Be a Listener

  3. Be Helpful

  4. Be Ready to Learn

Within our classroom there is a behavior chart comprised of four different colored owls.  All students have a clothespin with their student number on it.  All students start the day on green - ready to learn.  The first time a student breaks a rule they will receive a verbal warning.  If a rule is broken again after the verbal warning, the student will move their clip to yellow - warning.  If they continue to make inappropriate behavior choices, the student will again move their clip, this time to orange - consequence.  At this point the student will miss 10 minutes of their lunch recess.  If a student chooses to continue to make inappropriate behavior choices they will move their clip to red - parent contact.  It is at this point that they will be sent to speak to the principal and a phone call will be made to the parent by either myself or the principal.  Severe misbehavior (fighting, cursing, extreme disruptiveness, etc) will result in an immediate visit to the office.  


Students who end the day on green will receive 1 Duke dollar.  A student who ends their day with a clip on yellow, orange or red will receive no reward dollars.  At the end of the week students will have the opportunity to redeem their Duke dollars for small treats or prizes, or save their Duke dollars for a larger prize.

Subject Explanation


Homework will be assigned on Monday and will be due by Friday.  It will consist of  a spelling menu, math menu, or reading menu requiring students to complete several short activities of their choice from the menu.  Students will be encouraged to work on homework during class work time once daily assignments are finished.  Absent work or unfinished assignments would be the only other homework students will have.


Math will go much smoother for the students who remember the multiplication facts from third grade.  Most of what is covered in fourth grade involves multiplication.  We will spend time practicing/quizzing over multiplication facts to assist the student in memorizing them.  We will also be working on addition, subtraction, division, and fractions.


We will be practicing reading with both the reading book and class novel units.  Students will be using the reading book to practice fluency and weekly vocabulary.  They will have a reading test on Friday.  Students will also be reading from their library book, and will be expected to meet a personal AR goal each nine weeks.  Students should read from their library book 15 minutes nightly.  


We will work practice correcting sentences daily on the board.  We will also work on identifying parts of sentences, using correct punctuation, and correct word tense.  The students will also work on a variety of different styles of writing.


Each Monday the students will be given a spelling list.  Please make sure your student brings it home and studies for the test.  Students will take a spelling test on Thursday.  If they make a 100 on that test, they will not be required to take the test on Friday.  Students not making a 100 will be required to write the missed words three times each, and then test on Friday ONLY over the words they missed.

Science & Social Studies:

We will be using an internet-based program called Mystery Science for our science instruction.  In Social Studies we will be using a program called Liberty's Kids to learn about the American Revolution. Students will also be learning about the regions of the United States, the path to the presidency, the branches of government, and each student will be completing a report on one of the states as well as on a famous American.

If you have any questions about any of our subjects, please don’t hesitate to contact me!!

Additional supply request

*multiplication flash cards




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Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, September 26th: picture day


Weekly Specials Schedule:

Monday: Computers
Tuesday: Computers
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: PE
Friday: Computers and Library



This week's homework is a mixed practice menu. Students will need to complete two activities from each column. Homework due on Friday.