Welcome to Our Class!

4th Grade Rocks!!!

Daily Specials Schedule (Please Wear Tennis Shoes for PE)
9:40 - 10:20
Monday - PE
Tuesday - Computers
Wednesday - PE, Band 1:40-2:20
Thursday - Music
Friday - Art 9:40, PE 10:20

Homework for the week of Sept. 11 to Sept 15. (This could change…this is just a basic guideline!)

Read AR Book every night for 30 minutes and study spelling words (list at bottom of screen)

IC= In Class         HW=Homework


Reading: “Because of Winn Dixie.” WS 37-38 FG

Math: Multiplication 2.1, pages 63-66 IC.  67-68 HW

Spelling:  List page 25, study words

Science: none

Social Studies: Newspaper week 3

Language:  none


Reading:  WS 39 and 40 IC

Math: Lesson 2.2, pages 69-74 IC

Spelling : Study words

Science: None

Social Studies:  Newspaper week 3

Language- morning work


Reading:  WS 42-43 IC

Math: Lesson 2.3, 75-78 IC.  79-80 HW

Spelling: Study words

Science:  None

Social Studies:  Week 3

Language: morning work



Reading: Vocab for homework

Math:  2.4 pages 81-86 IC

Spelling: test tomorrow!

Science: Read A28 to A35

Social Studies: Newspaper week 3

Language:  morning work


Reading:  Test

Math: Lesson 2.5 pages 87-92 IC

Spelling:  Test

Science:  none

Social Studies:  finish paper

Language:  morning work

*Bring Fun Friday Money!


Spelling Words: Because of Winn Dixie

Goal               Mole              Stone             Stove             Chose

Shadow         Fold                Flow               Mold              Toll

Groan                        Stole               Foam             Mows                        Roasting

Lower                        Sole                Blown                        Bolt                 Quote

*Kite              *Fright          *Climb           *Coaster       *Motor


Ø Read your Accelerated Reader book four times, 30 minutes each time.

§  Check off each time you read this week:


Ø You may want to read your story from the Reading Textbook but it is not necessary.  We will read it several times at school and also discuss it before the test on Friday.


Ø Study the spelling words that you missed on the pre-test.  You may want to

§  spell the words out loud

§  write the words on paper

§  have someone call the words to you and you spell them on paper

§  type the words on a computer



I'm so excited to be teaching your child this year!  I know it's going to be a great year.  If at any time you need to reach me, my email address is rneader@massac.org, or you can call the school and set up an appointment to see me during my planning period (9:40-10:20) or after school. If your child's schedule has changed, please send a note and/or call the office.  Please do not send this in an email or Facebook message as I might not get it before dismissal. We keep these in a special place so that everyone gets to where they should be at 3:00!  Thank you in advance for your cooperation on these daily procedures.

The following paragraphs contain information about how things "go" in 4th grade.  Please read over the explanations of each subject so you and your child will become familiar with our routine.  Remember to be flexible! Sometimes things change that are beyond my control!

Fourth Grade uses the GoMath! series which will address the Common Core State Standards for Math.  We will have daily math lessons, most of which will be completed at school, although there may be occasional homework. To be prepared for the PARCC Assessment in the spring, we must attempt a new lesson each day.  Sometimes it takes a bit longer to master a subject, and additional time will be used. Benchmark Assessments and chapter tests will be given periodically to assess progress, and chapter tests will count as a grade.

We will take a pre-, mid-, and post-test.  These tests will show growth of mathematical knowledge over the entire year.  

IMPORTANT!!!!!  Fourth graders should also be mastering the multiplication tables 0-12.  We will practice weekly with flashcards at school, as well as weekly timed fact tests.  If your child is struggling with math facts, I suggest purchasing a set of cards and practicing at home.  By the end of the year, students should be able to complete 80 facts in 2 minutes. 

We have a weekly reading story.  We will listen to it on audio CD and read orally in various ways/groups all week long.  We will do workbook pages in class over various reading skills for daily reading grades.  On Fridays, we have our reading test. There are 9 multiple choice questions and 1 ERQ (extended response question) on the test.  The ERQ counts as 5 questions!  The ERQ is graded as follows:  restate the prompt, answer the question correctly, provide details (more than one), and provide a personal connection.  Don't panic!  We will practice, practice, practice!!

Fourth grade utilizes the AR program as well.  Students are given their point goals each nine weeks and are expected to meet their goals.  AR will count as one daily reading grade in the nine-week period.  Students will be given some class time to work on their AR goal, but additional reading at home must happen in order for the goal to be met. We are striving for 85% accuracy or higher on all AR tests!

Spelling workbook pages are done in class, and graded weekly.  Our test will be on Friday.  

We will utilize DOL (Daily Oral Language) as part of our morning work.  Students will be required to edit incorrect sentences independently and then discuss as a class.  They will be tested every Friday over the sentences.