Brookport First Grade

Welcome to 1st Grade! We're going to have an exciting year!

Our Mission: To be respectful and treat everyone fairly, so that we all have fun learning, succeeding, and leading!

You can contact me at or sign up for the Remind app...text @7f6ha8 to 81010

A class newsletter will be sent home every Friday giving info for the following week. It will contain important information for the week as well as the spelling and sight words. Please study these with your child at home. Check your child's folder daily.

The week of September 24-28

School Pictures:Thursday, September 27th

Reading Story

"Animal Moms and Dads" on page 12 in Reading book.

Test on Friday, September 28th

Sight Words: her, our, they, two


1. hop

2. top

3. log

4. hog

5. hot

6. lot

7. fast

8. wink

9. our

10. they

Test on Thursday and then again on Friday for those students that didn't make a 100.

For extra practice in spelling, click on the link for Spelling City. You child can play games using this week's spelling words.


Chapter 2 Test on Subtraction Concepts-Thursday, September 27th

We are working on Chapter 2 on Subtraction Concepts. We are learning to subtract using circles and pictures. We are working on subtraction vocabulary: difference: the answer of a subtraction problem, subtraction sentence 5-3=2 is a subtraction sentence, and minus( -) sign and equal (=) sign. Please work on numbers at home with your child if they do not know them. It makes the math we do in first grade really hard if they can't identify their numbers. They need to be able to count and identify numbers to at least 20 at this point.

Image result for ixl pictures

For extra practice in Math, click the link.

Contact me if you need your student's user name and password.


We will be working on nouns.


We will be writing this week on our favorite candy. My goal is for them to write one "middle" sentence on their own. I will give them the Introduction sentence and closing sentence. Three sentences total at this point.

We will be working towards the five sentence paragraph. First sentence: introduction (state topic). Second, Third, and Fourth sentences: give details about/ that support the first sentence. Fifth sentence: closing sentence-restate the first sentence, stating the topic.


We have started AR, but it's going really slow. I have to read a portion of everyone's book with them before they can take an AR test. I also have to show them how to log in and take an AR test. AR is really emphasized in 1st grade, though. Your child will have a set AR goal to meet every nine weeks. Please read with your child at home.

Special Class Schedule

(Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes on PE days)

Monday: P.E.

Tuesday: Computers

Wednesday: P.E.

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art and P.E.

I know we'll have a great year. Check back weekly for updates!