8th Grade Science

If you should need to contact me at any time, please call the school:  618-524-2645  
or contact me through e-mail:  jgdlloyd@massac.org

Remind 101

If you would like to join my Remind 101 text messages for daily updates, please text @mrslloyds8 to the number 81010. You should receive a response that indicates that you are a member of this Remind 101.

We are proud to represent the SIUe Cougars in my classroom for our NO EXCUSES University.  To find out more information about SIUe please see their website.  http://www.siue.edu

 2016/2017 Class & Activity Pictures
 Class Pictures

Balloon Busters Lab

Balloon Busters Lab

 Chemistry Lab

2016-10-13 Chemistry Lab 2016-2017

Bonding Charades

2017-01-25 Bonding Charades 2016-2017

Speed Lab

Course Information Sheet
Attached below.

Extra Credit
No individual extra credit will be handed out.  I will have whole class opportunities throughout the year.
All students may come to my room during lunch, before school, or after school for extra help if needed.  They must let me know ahead of time that they will be coming in for the tutoring.
Grade Sheet
I will hand out a final Progress Report on Friday May 12th.  These do not have to be returned.

Star Student
Students are chosen each week whom have shown me an enthusiasm for learning, a respect for authority, and kindness.  The students will be chosen on Thursdays.

The following students have been chosen this year:  

Week of Jan. 2nd - 6th:  Kearston Zabel, Lily Conkle, Savannah Horner, Katie Hannan, Gage Shelton, Logan Armstrong, 
                                     Brandon Burnett, Matt Parker
Week of Jan. 9th - 13th: Savannah Meadows, Melina Rodriguez, Emily Harrison, Kaylee Batha, Kolby Keller, Devin Roach, 
                                      Jadan Bible, Lucas Barger
Week of Jan. 16th - 20th: Autumn Jeffords, Sydney Wilke, Alexis Frazine, Angel Meyer, Lane Watson, Kody Brookshire, 
                                        John Kotter, Callan Horman
Week of Jan. 23rd - 27th:  Raven Hainline, Mackenzie Lott, Maddie Hammonds, Clara Stewart, Jonathan Henley, 
                                        Andrew Maurer, Ethan King, Chance Williams
Week of Jan. 30th - Feb. 3rd:  Ashlynn Kommer, Kaiyah Adams, Eden James, Kourtney Zea, Sara Buchanan, Emilia Bautista, 
                                              Tragen Keyes, Wyatt Obermark, AJ Heine, Grant Helm
Week of Feb. 6th - 10th:  Taylor Allen, Alex Swafford, Cali McCraw, Macy Pierce, Jenna Bunting, Hayden Summers, JJ Sweat, 
                                        Hunter Franklin, John Schumacher, Skylor Stephenson
Week of Feb. 13th - 17th:  Ashley Davis, Kennedy Burgess, Madison McDaniel, Krishna Patel, Dianna Bowman, Josh Lewis, 
                                         Eli Henry, Logan Korte, Dalton Holt, Jody Dumpprope
Week of Feb. 20th - 24th:  Hallie Sydnor, Emily Thomas, LaMya Roach, Emma Austin, Katie Sanford, Chance Williams, 
                                         Wil Hannah, Drew Green, Jacob Mitchell, Gavin McKendree
Week of Feb. 27th - March 3rd:  Bryanna Worthen, Erica Powell, Ansley Bailey, Cassidy Copley, Syndee Taylor, Zion Blye, 
                                                 Ethan Simelton, Lex Henderson, Garrett Lange, Dakota Raney
Week of March 6th - 10th:  Rana Knight-Council, Farrah Castleman, Brooklyn Belford, Kaitlyn Williams, McKinnley Korte,                                                 Maci Miller, Kyler McIntosh, Dalton Ledbetter, Eli Farmer, Daylon Jackson
Week of March 13th - 17th: Alyssa Baird, Chloe Corzine, Blair Koerner-Summers, Olivia Robbins, Brooklyn Wentworth, 
                                          Katie Thompson, Aubrey Carlton, Marianna Dominguez, Dakota Ponce, Eliza Cope
Week of March 20th - 24th:  Matthew McGaugh, Devin Heine, Josh Wrye, Joseph Pugh, Jacob Ford Parrish, Devin Ragsdale, 
                                            Jake Krueger, Nathan Emerson, Chad Klitzing, Lukus Griffin
Week of March 27th - 31st:  Yolina Lindquist, Alexis Kennedy, Tezla Harris, Taylor Staton, Dya Jackson, Charlee Swader, 
                                            Felicity Paro, Mariah Owens, Kylee McGonigle, Kendra Waldon
Week of April 3rd - 7th:  Matthew Robertson, Shyanne Helms, TJ Dunn, Destiny Rentfro, Brennen McCormick, 
                                      Connor Gallo, Bradley Harris, Aaliyah Morgan, Shane Vinson, Austin Cohoon, Niko Ricca, 
                                      Blake Suggs, Kaleb Greer
Week of April 17th - 21st:  Noah Williams, Ralph Richardson, Jaylon Cruz, Nathanual Gill, Hunter Magee, Dakota Myrick, 
                                          LaQuan Sharp, Andy Sutton, Nate Jackson, Jacob Conner, Tyler Reed, Harlley Steele, 
                                          Dathan English, Matt Helm

Monday, May 15th, 2017- Target:  End of Year

Complete Student Reflection and Evaluation Form / Begin watching "The Martian" movie / Hand out summer birthdays

Homework :  Take all belongings home!

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 - Target: Movie

Finish watching "The Martian" movie

Homework:   Take all belongings home!

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 - Target: Graduation / Reward

Graduation Practice at MJHS in morning / 4th quarter behavior reward - afternoon
Homework:  Take all belongings home!

Thursday, May 18th, 2017  Target:  Graduation / Last Day for 8th Graders

Graduation Practice at MCHs in morning / dismiss at 11:30

Homework:  Take all belongings home!

Friday, May 19th, 2017  Target: 


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