Welcome to 3rd Grade!

The University of North Carolina Tarheels
Class of 2031

Our Class Mission Statement

We will be nice and respectful to everyone so we can be good examples for others and make new friends. We will listen to our teachers, study, and follow the rules so we can learn all of our subjects. We will learn as much as we can so we can be ready for 4th grade and even college. We will have fun while we learn and always try our best.

College Bound at MES!

At Metropolis Elementary, we are encouraging our students to think about the question "Where will I go to college?" instead of "Will I go to college?" Each classroom has a university flag and pennant outside of the room that represents a college. We are the University of North Carolina Tarheels. By implementing this program, we are able to stress the importance of education to our students and have thought provoking conversations about it starting at a young age.


Welcome to 3rd Grade!
Third grade is a wonderful year that is full of learning and excitement. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 524-4821 or email me at kdouglas@massac.org.

    What 3B is Learning this Week
    **Reading: This week our reading story is "Seven Spools of Thread." Due to the length of this story, you can allow your child to just read half of the story each night. The test will be on Friday. We will be working on drawing conclusions.  The vocabulary words are: argued, beamed, fabric, quarreling, possessions, and purchased.**
    **Math: 7.4 Divide by 3, 7.5 Divide by 4, 7.6 Divide by 6, 7.7 Divide by 7,  7.8 Divide by 8, 7.9 Divide by 9, 7.10 Two-Step Problems**
    **Language: Commas and Punctuation**
    **Writing: Narrative**
    **Social Studies: People and the Environment*
    **Science: Roles for Plants and Animals**

      **Please continue practicing multiplication facts at home.  If you need flashcards, please let me know.**


                      **Please check your child's backpack/folder daily for papers and important notes.**

                      **Make sure you sign the weekly behavior report and have your child bring it back the following week.**

                      **Specials Schedule: Monday- Computers, Tuesday- Music, Wednesday- Art & Library,
                      Thursday & Friday- P.E.
                      **Check out www.spellingcity.com/kacidouglas/ for a fun way for your child to review his/her spelling words for the week. You can play games, take practice tests, and print off word lists if needed. It's a really neat and fun way for your child to practice the words!**

                      **Your child has a log-in for IXL math.  This website is GREAT practice and broken down by individual skills so you can work on the specific needs of your child.  The website is www.ixl.com/signin/massac  **

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