7th Grade Math & Advanced Math

Please check this site often for daily lessons and assignments.  However, plans are subject to change based on student understanding.  You may call or e-mail me with any concerns.  Phone:524-2645; 
(I respond quickest to e-mails)
You can find and access the class syllabus at the very bottom of this page!

Everyday from 2:32-2:55.  Students who have a D or F in a class will report to that class for 2 weeks to get help.  Students who have all A's, B's, or C's will be allowed to leave school (if they have a ride) or have free time in the gym!

Resources to use at Home with 
1.  IXL.com
2. GO Math
3.  Khanacademy.org
4.  mathtv.com
5.  YouTube.com

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