Physical Education

Mission:  To educate all students with the importance of sustaining regular physical activity as one of the cornerstones to a healthy productive life.


  • This grading system is based upon 100 points per 9 weeks.  Students are required to dress out daily and participate fully to retain the 100 points each 9 week grading period.  Points are deducted for such things but not limited to
  •  1) Does not dress and has improper shoes = - 5pts
     2) Does not dress but has appropriate shoes = - 3pts
     3) Inadequate participation or little effort during activity = -3pts
     4) Cheating/lying  = -3pts
     5) Disrespect to teacher/others  = - 5pts
     6) Unexcused absence for out of school suspension  = - 5pts
     7) Inappropriate treatment of equipment = - 5pts
     8) Foul language = - 5pts
     9) Fighting = - 5pts

 Class Expectations:
  • Students are required to come to class prepared.  This means having required shoes and clothes.
  • Students are expected to treat both the teacher and peers with respect.
  • Inappropriate language or gestures will not be tolerated.
  • Students must stay with the class at all times, either in the gym or outside area.                                                       
  • Students will remain in the gym until the conclusion of class.
  • Electronic devices are not allowed during class.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the gym unless otherwise permitted.
Extra Information:
  • Medical excuses must be presented in written form from a physician
  • Each student will get 5 passes per 9 weeks.  Students may uses these passes at their discretion.
  • Passes may be used for the following situations: minor illness, forgot clothes, study, homework, etc.
  • DISCIPLINE - Students who have used all passes for the 9 weeks or chose not to participate will receive the following:
    • 1st - Verbal Warning
    • 2nd - Verbal Warning
    • 3rd - Detention
    • 4th - Detention
    • 5th - In School Suspension
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