The MUST haves...

Dental Exam - K, 2nd, 6th grade

Vision Exam - K, new to Illinois

Physical Exam - K, 6th, new to Illinois

Immunizations - K, 6th grade Tdap

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Yuck! I don't want this...

    Have you heard of the Enterovirus EV-D68 that has hit Missouri and parts of Illinois? Unfortunately, I have too! 
This strain of the virus is less common but a bit more serious. EV-D68 is primarily causing a respiratory illness that is landing people in the ICU. We certainly don't want this to happen to our kids here at Massac Junior High, so lets do our best to make sure our kids are practicing GREAT hand hygiene! 

Symptoms- fever, difficulty breathing, wheezing, asthma exacerbation

Vaccine- Unfortunately, not yet.   

Your kid has symptoms- Keep them home! A doctor's visit wouldn't be such a bad idea either! 

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