Monday: Crazy Fun Science Day!! STEM projects will happen in class. Today we will try not to crack any eggs and see who our speediest drivers are! (with hot wheels of course J) AR reward party.

Band and Choir program at 2 p.m.


Tuesday: More STEM activities! How do bridges work?  Who can build the best one?! Why are we always stuck in the silly traffic on I24?!!

Awards Night at 6p.m. (invitation only)



Wednesday: Desk and locker clean out. (Please have your book bags that day!!)  In the afternoon, we will celebrate our May, June, and July birthdays in class.  If you would like to bring something to celebrate that day, that would be great! We will also have some fun inflatables thanks to PTO!


Thursday:  Splish-Splash Fiesta Day! We will celebrate our last full day with some fun inside and out.  Movies and Nachos in the morning, water games in the afternoon.  Please send your students in play clothes for that day.  If they could bring a towel or extra set of clothes that would be great!!! If you do not want your child to participate, please let me know.


Friday- 11:30 Dismissal.  We will have our own classroom awards and pass out report cards!