Welcome to the MCHS Family & Consumer Science Department (FCS).  At the left, you should see links to pages for each of my classes and for FCCLA.  Please click on those links to view the pages where you will find course descriptions and an overview of what we are doing in class each week.  As assignments are made, I will post the assignment and due date underneath the weekly overview. 

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.  Students may stop by my room (47C) before or after school.  It is best to let me know you plan to come by so I can clear my schedule for you.  The most convenient ways for parents to contact me are by e-mail (rbfritch@massac.org) or my cell phone (270)853-5368.  I am available during my planning period as well which is 6th hour daily (1:00-1:47). 

Rena Fritch