Wind instruments should have their own cleaning kit, reeds, valve oil, slide oil etc. Please let Mr. Hannan know if you need any of these items and he will get them for you. 
Percussion should have their own snare drum sticks. 




Practice Goals for Band this week.
Percussion- practice flams
Wind Players- Practice Concert Bb scale. 
Everyone practice Land of 1,000 Dances. Get to the end by Friday. 

Students should practice with a metronome to ensure that they are playing with a steady tempo.
**Students should remember to practice difficult passages slowly and gradually add speed until they can play it steadily at the correct tempo. Try using a metronome to help you practice steadily. If you don't have one you can click on the link below and use one online for free.
 Parents: Thank you for encouraging your child to practice!
 If you ever need to contact me you can reach me at
524-2645 (Jr. High p.m.) You can also e-mail me at dhannan@massac.org