Mrs. Melcher's 2nd grade Texas Longhorns

 I am SO excited to be your child's 2nd grade teacher!  I am looking forward to working with you to make your child's 2nd grade year successful and positive!  My motto has always been Parents+Teachers=Success!!!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you my have regarding our classroom or your child's education.  You may contact the school at 524-4821, my cell phone number at (270)832-4234, DoJo messenger, or by e-mail at
Please make sure you check your child's folder each night and sign the assignment/behavior sheet. 
Homework is every Tuesday night.  This should be returned the following day. 
We have a reading, spelling, and language test every Friday!  Please make sure you read your child's story with him/her, practice spelling and vocabulary words, and go over the language pages each night.   
If you haven't signed up for classroom Dojo, please send your form back as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance!  :)
Please try to have your child at school every day and on time.  We begin our day promptly at 8:20 and if your child misses or is tardy, he/she will be missing important concepts.  If your child is sick and cannot attend school, please call the school office first thing in the morning to notify us of the absence.  If your child is absent, make-up work will be sent home when he/she returns to school and must be returned as soon as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Pick up Procedure:  Your child should be picked up in the gym at 3:00.  Enter thru the gym doors by the playground.  Please have your pick-up card with you at dismissal time.  Please make sure if someone else is picking your child up from school that he/she has a pick-up card or a note is sent to school with your child.  If the person is not on the pick-up list then I will not allow your child to leave the building with that person.  This is for your child's safety!  Thank you for you help with this matter!

Lesson Plans:  Week of April 30-May 4:
 Reading- Pushing Up the Sky
               -problem and solution
               -word parts
               - fluency
                -r-controlled syllables

Language- Story writing and Adverbs

Spelling- vowel team syllables
Spelling words:
1.   jump
2.   starry
3.   jumper
4.   other
5.   high
6.   mother
7.   higher
8.   ever
9.   star
10. paper

Vocabulary/Challenge words:
agreed- to think the same way about something
gathered-  to bring together
jabbing-  to poke with something sharp
randomly-  to do something without a plan
signal- a sign that tells you that you should do something

Math- Chapter 10- Data
        -Bar graphs
        -Display data
        -Test on Friday

May7-11- Book Fair
May 23- Spring Program at 2:00
May 28- No school for Memorial Day
June 4- Students Last Day with early dismissal and reports cards go home
Have a wonderful, safe Summer break!!!  

Here are some links that may be helpful to you at home:
Click on the link above for math help that goes along with our curriculum.
Have your child enter their username and password (They should know these because we use them at school every week.)

To check your child's A.R. progress, click the link below.
To check if a book you have is A.R. and what reading level it is, click on the link below.
Longhorn's Classroom goals:
1.  100% of our class will show at least a half a years growth on their math benchmark test, STAR Reading test, and AimsWeb test!   
2.  100% of our class will meet their personal Accelerated Reading goal while maintaining an 85% average!
3.  100% of our class will stay on green ALL WEEK!   (Please remind your child of the behavior plan that was sent home the first day of school.)
Longhorn's Classroom Mission Statement:
Mrs. Melcher's class will respect others and work together to be super students.  We will also work hard every day and be fantastic 2nd graders.  We will all be ready for 3rd grade.   WE ARE COLLEGE BOUND!!!  :)
Mrs. Melcher's Mission Statement:
I will always strive to create a positive learning environment for all my students and encourage them to always do their best!  I will show love and concern for them while enhancing student achievement.  I will endeavor to always use best practices in my classroom and work towards personal growth as an educator.  My students will know that they are COLLEGE BOUND!!!