2017-2018 Collaborative Class Schedule

8- 8:15am    Hall Monitor outside Library
1st Hour-     US Government (Mr. Green)
2nd Hour-    Algebra I (Mrs. Castleman)
3rd Hour-     English III (Mrs. Peterson)
4th Hour-     US Government (Umberger)
5th Hour-    Biology (Mr. Cochran)
6th Hour-    Geometry (Mrs. Herbst)                                                              
7th Hour-    Planning/Athletic PE Crossfit (Mr. Green)

My classroom is in room 58C located in the Ag/Shop hall across from the art room.                                             

Please feel free to contact me at anytime with any questions, comments or concerns...

clarkp@massac.org                618-524-3440 ext.151


Baseball tryouts will be held on the last Monday in February of 2018. Stay tuned for Patriot baseball information...