Welcome to 5th Grade!



          We are reading the novel Wonder in class.  It is amazing story and the students are really enjoying it.  Be sure and ask your child about the book         they have some very strong feelings about the book.  Throughout the novel we work on common core standards using the passages within the           novel.  We will also be learning lots of vocabulary throughout the book.  At the end of the novel we will take a comprehension test and a vocab             test.  

Students will be able to determine the setting in a story and know the effect it has on the plot.  Students will  also be able to work on identifying problem and solutions within a story and recognizing character traits and the effects they have on the story.  They will also work on drawing conclusions and finding the sequence in a story.  We will also work on identifying theme and similes and metaphors. Students always be working on grade- level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.  We will also continuously work on reading with accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. 

 Our story this month are:   Maya Lin Architect of Memory

                                               The Night of San Juan  
                                                           Sleds on Boston Common

                                               Hidden Worlds


We will be finishing Chapter 1 early in the month.  At the end of this chapter students should be able to understand the place value system.  Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers, fluently multiply multi-digit numbers. Students should also be able to write and interpret numerical expressions.

We will also be working on Chapter 2 this month.  At the end of the chapter students should be able to perform operations with multi-digit whole number and with decimals to hundredths.  Find whole-number quotients of whole number with upto four-digit dividends and two digit divisors.  Students will also be able to apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division to multiply and divide fractions.    


Every Friday we will have a Spelling test.  If we are not testing for the week I will send out a remind 101 note and the students will be informed.  On Tuesday each week we write a sentence using the words for the week.  This helps students to not only learn the spelling of the words but understand the meaning of the words.  This will also help students in writing a proper sentence with capitalization and punctuation.  


            We will be finishing Chapter 1.  We have been studying about basic units of life, plant and animal cells, and kingdoms of life.  We will also                    begin Chapter 2.  In Chapter 2 we will learn about roots, stems, and leaves and how they function.  We will also learn about plant responces                  and adaptations.

 Social Studies

We are working on geography an knowing where we are in this world. 


We will be working on different types of sentences, identifying sentences and sentence fragments.  We will always be working on writing complete sentences.  

Happy Birthday!
Katelyn R.
Karleigh R.
Kimmy B.
Ansley L. 


NO School August 21-- Solar Eclipse
Be sure and bring your instruments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Students should be reading their AR book nightly.
Spelling words will be sent home on Mondays and we will test on Friday.
Reading Test will also be given each Friday.  


Daily Specials Schedule 
 Tuesday - Computers
         Band A.M. 
         Choir 12:20-1:00
                Wednesday - PE, Band 1:00-1:40
            Thursday - Music
 Friday - Art 9:40
       *Don't forget to wear tennis shoes on Monday and Wednesday.