Check Out Info


“Owl” Mark My Calendar for Library Check-Out Days!

Mark your calendar (possibly taped on the refrigerator at eye-level for your child) your child’s assigned Check-Out Day.  Your library book should be returned to school for Check-Out Day.


“Owl” Return My Library Book!

When you return a book, your child can check out a new, exciting book!  If your child has an over-due book, unfortunately your child is not allowed to check out again until the book is returned.  Please make it a priority for you and your child to locate the over-due book.  Once the missing book is returned, your child will be allowed to check-out a book again!  If you cannot find the book, you will be asked to either pay for the cost of the book or contact me to discuss other options to replace the book.  This is a great opportunity to teach a responsibility lesson on how to take care of our school property!